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Pouran, Hamid (author), Padilha Campos Lopes, Mariana (author), Ziar, H. (author), Alves Castelo Branco, David (author), Sheng, Yong (author)
Vietnam's promising economic growth has led to energy shortage, growing coal imports, and increasing carbon emissions. The country's electricity demand annual growth rate has been 12% in recent years and is projected to be 8–9% by 2030. In Vietnam 40% of the land is dedicated to agriculture and thousands of inland water bodies are used for...
journal article 2022
Pouran, Hamid (author), Campos Lopes, Mariana Padilha (author), Ziar, H. (author), Castelo Branco, David Alves (author), Sheng, Yong (author)
Key Messages<br/>• Vietnam’s electricity demand annual growth has been more than 12% in recent years, leading to rising coal imports.<br/>• Vietnam has been transformed from a food-insecure nation to a world-leading food exporter.<br/>• Vietnam has thousands of water bodies, used for agriculture/aquaculture offering excellent surfaces for...
conference paper 2021