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Powałka, Leon (author), Poon, Chris (author), Xia, Yitong (author), Meines, Siebren (author), Yan, Lan (author), Cai, Yuduan (author), Stavropoulou, G. (author), Dukai, B. (author), Ledoux, H. (author)
When it comes to storing 3D city models in a database, the implementation of the CityGML data model can be quite demanding and often results in complicated schemas. As an example, 3DCityDB, a widely used solution, depends on a schema having 66 tables, mapping closely the CityGML architecture. In this paper, we propose an alternative (called ...
conference paper 2024
Powałka, Leon (author)
Creating GPS art on the map is an interesting way to make one’s outdoor activity more engaging. Cyclists, runners and hikers can create impressive drawings on the map by traversing the road/pedestrian network in a carefully planned way. Such planning, however, is often tedious and time consuming, which makes the GPS artists have to meticulously...
master thesis 2023
Cai, Cynthia (author), Meines, Siebren (author), Poon, Chris (author), Powałka, Leon (author), Xia, Yitong (author), YAN, LAN (author)
A 3D city model uses three-dimensional geometries to represent and model urban environments, in which the building model is the key feature. With the development of computer and data collection technologies, 3D city models are gaining growing capacities regarding storing rich information. This makes 3D city models more potentially useful than...
student report 2022