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Praharaj, Sambit (author), Scheffel, Maren (author), Schmitz, Marcel (author), Specht, M.M. (author), Drachsler, Hendrik (author)
Collaboration is one of the four important 21st-century skills. With the pervasive use of sensors, interest on co-located collaboration (CC) has increased lately. Most related literature used the audio modality to detect indicators of collaboration (such as total speaking time and turn taking). CC takes place in physical spaces where group...
conference paper 2022
Praharaj, Sambit (author), Scheffel, Maren (author), Drachsler, Hendrik (author), Specht, M.M. (author)
Collaboration is one of the important 21st-century skills. It can take place in remote or co-located settings. Co-located collaboration (CC) is a very complex process that involves subtle human interactions that can be described with indicators like eye gaze, speaking time, pitch, and social skills from different modalities. With the advent...
review 2021
Praharaj, Sambit (author)
Attention span of students in a classroom is very short. To overcome this, different active learning methodologies have been used in the past. Active learning keeps the students busy and engaged throughout the lecture. It breaks the lecture into certain time intervals by intermixing breaks, demonstrations and questions after each interval. For...
master thesis 2017