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Pramesti, F.P. (author), Molenaar, A.A.A. (author), van de Ven, Martin (author)
Durable, therefore sustainable, road needs to attain specific characteristics, among others, resistance to permanent deformation and cracking. Determining the development of both characteristics are important to be able to predict pavement life and performance. In this research, permanent deformation occurring in three pavement sections was...
journal article 2017
Pramesti, F.P. (author)
This thesis investigates the relationship between predicted and observed fatigue life of asphalt. This study also investigates the positive effects of modifying bitumen with Retona, a bitumen modifier produced in Indonesia from natural asphalt rock sources, on pavement performance in terms of increased resistance to fatigue and permanent...
doctoral thesis 2015
Pramesti, F.P. (author), Molenaar, A.A.A. (author), Van de Ven, M.F.C. (author)
To be able to devise optimum strategies for maintenance and rehabilitation, it is essential to formulate an accurate prediction of pavement life and its maintenance needs. One of the pavement life prediction methods is based on the pavement's capability to sustain fatigue. If it were possible to have a prediction that closely represent what is...
journal article 2013