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De Cock, K.M.J. (author), Boelens, O.J. (author), Kok, J.C. (author), Prananta, B.B. (author), Soemarwoto, B.I. (author), Van der Ven, H. (author)
In this paper, a cross-section of numerical algorithm development at NLR for end-user applications in aerospace is presented. Aerospace is characterized by high safety requirements and standards, complex development programs and operational processes, and challenging multi-physics phenomena. An example is the certification or qualification of...
conference paper 2006
Spekreijse, S.P. (author), Prananta, B.B. (author), Kok, J.C. (author)
A grid deformation method has been developed for the movement of multiblock, structured grids due to surface deformation arising from aeroelastics or design optimisation. The method uses a volume spline interpolation technique to compute the deformation of block vertices and block edges. After that, the deformation of block-faces is computed by...
report 2002
Prananta, B.B. (author)
doctoral thesis 1999