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Benschop, H.O.G. (author), Guerin, A. J. (author), Brinkmann, A. (author), Dale, M. L. (author), Finnie, A. A. (author), Breugem, W.P. (author), Clare, A. S. (author), Stübing, D. (author), Price, C. (author), Reynolds, K. J. (author)
The manufacture and preliminary testing of a drag-reducing riblet texture with fouling-control properties is presented. The commercial fouling-release product Intersleek® 1100SR was modified to manufacture riblet-textured coatings with an embossing technology. Hydrodynamic drag measurements in a Taylor–Couette set-up showed that the modified...
journal article 2018
Ruiz-Agudo, E. (author), Lubelli, B. (author), Sawdy, A. (author), Van Hees, R. (author), Price, C. (author), Rodriguez-Navarro, C. (author)
San Jeronimo Monastery (Granada, Spain) was selected as a case study for the investigation of the effect of indoor environmental conditions on salt weathering and for on-site testing of a remediation treatment using crystallization inhibitors on account of the extreme salt damage affecting both the building stone, a biomicritic limestone,...
journal article 2010