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Sigl, Martin (author), Prins, Binnert (author), Schutz, Christoph (author), Wagner, Sebastian (author), Schulte, F. (author), Watzenig, Daniel (author)
One of the major challenges in the development of Automated Driving is its assessment. It is expected that Automated Vehicles behave differently than human drivers. Therefore, mixed human-robot traffic will yield different and new driving situations as human-only traffic. It is important to know how this mixed traffic will change the...
conference paper 2023
Prins, Binnert (author)
Automated Vehicles (AVs) are one of the most promising and intensively studied research topics within engineering and beyond. The race to develop the first full “self-driving” vehicle has started a decade ago and will continue in the future. From the traditional automotive industry and other technological companies that mingled in the race,...
master thesis 2022