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Singh, Kaustub (author), Gupta, Ankur (author), Buchner, A.J.L.L. (author), Ibis, F. (author), Pronk, J.W. (author), Tam, D.S.W. (author), Eral, H.B. (author)
We detail the analysis of centrifugal homogenization process by a hydrodynamic model and the model-guided design of a low-cost centrifugal homogenizer. During operation, centrifugal force pushes a multiphase solution to be homogenized through a thin nozzle, consequently homogenizing its contents. We demonstrate and assess the homogenization...
journal article 2019
Pronk, J.W. (author)
doctoral thesis 2018
Lindhoud, S. (author), Dias Ribeiro de Carvalho, V.I. (author), Pronk, J.W. (author), Aubin-Tam, M.E. (author)
Challenges in purification and subsequent functionalization of membrane proteins often complicate their biochemical and biophysical characterization. Purification of membrane proteins generally involves replacing the lipids surrounding the protein with detergent molecules, which can affect protein structure and function. Recently, it was shown...
journal article 2016