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Puente, I. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Van Natijne, A. (author), Esposito, R. (author), Schipper, H.R. (author)
Vulnerability of buildings to natural and man-induced hazards has become a main concern for our society. Ensuring their serviceability, safety and sustainability is of vital importance and the main reason for setting up monitoring systems to detect damages at an early stage. In this work, a method is presented for detecting changes from laser...
journal article 2018
Puente, I. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), González-Jorge, H. (author), Arias, P. (author)
Rubble mound breakwaters are coastal defense structures that protect harbors and beaches from the impacts of both littoral drift and storm waves. They occasionally break, leading to catastrophic damage to surrounding human populations and resulting in huge economic and environmental losses. Ensuring their stability is considered to be of...
journal article 2014
Jimenez Puente, I. (author)
It is estimated that 25% of the remaining oil and gas reserves worldwide are held in Arctic regions. The combined effects of a global resource depletion, climate change and technological progress, mean that this natural resource area is now increasingly interesting and commercially attractive. However, numerous challenges are present when it...
master thesis 2013