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Puur, Allan (author), Rahnu, Leen (author), Tammaru, T. (author)
An increasing number of studies point to the existence of fertility differences between immigrants and those who are native to the receiving countries. However, despite a large body of literature covering a wide range of settings, there is a lack of research into the factors that may underlie the observed differentials. In this article, we...
journal article 2021
Rahnu, Leen (author), Puur, Allan (author), Kleinepier, T. (author), Tammaru, T. (author)
Although inter-ethnic encounters take place in multiple domains of daily life, ethnic intermarriage has typically been studied in relation to places of residence but rarely in relation to workplaces. Focussing on migrants is the most common approach to the study of intermarriage, whereas focussing on native majority population is less frequent....
journal article 2019