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Ahmed, N. (author), Qiu, T.D. (author), Bertels, K.L.M. (author), Al-Ars, Z. (author)
BACKGROUND: In Overlap-Layout-Consensus (OLC) based de novo assembly, all reads must be compared with every other read to find overlaps. This makes the process rather slow and limits the practicality of using de novo assembly methods at a large scale in the field. Darwin is a fast and accurate read overlapper that can be used for de novo...
journal article 2020
Qiu, T.D. (author), Van der Veen, N.F.A. (author)
This report proposes a design for a control system for a variable frictionless resistance training device, that is able to set the resistance and give feedback to the user via a wireless connection. The fitness device uses regenerative braking and information about the generated power is sent back to the user. The variable resistance is set...
bachelor thesis 2015