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Kühn, Martin J. (author), Holke, Johannes (author), Lutz, Annette (author), Thies, J. (author), Röhrig-Zöllner, Melven (author), Bleh, Alexander (author), Backhaus, Jan (author), Basermann, Achim (author)
Developments in numerical simulation of flows and high-performance computing influence one another. More detailed simulation methods create a permanent need for more computational power, while new hardware developments often require changes to the software to exploit new hardware features. This dependency is very pronounced in the case of...
journal article 2023
Röhrig-Zöllner, Melven (author), Thies, J. (author), Basermann, Achim (author)
There are several factorizations of multidimensional tensors into lower-dimensional components, known as ``tensor networks."" We consider the popular ``tensor-train"" (TT) format and ask, How efficiently can we compute a low-rank approximation from a full tensor on current multicore CPUs? Compared to sparse and dense linear algebra, kernel...
journal article 2022