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Rheza Rahadian, Rheza (author), van der Woude, Sallo (author), Wilschut, D. (author), Blom, C.B.M. (author), Broere, W. (author)
During inspections of several immersed tunnels in the Netherlands, damage of immersion joints has been observed. In some cases the Gina seal has moved inwards from its original location, and in other cases a permanent elongation of the entire tunnel structure has been measured. For both cases it has been hypothesised that a seasonal expansion...
conference paper 2018
Rahadian, Rheza (author)
Watertightness and leakage prevention is crucial in every tunnel joint design. Immersed tunnels have been utilizing the Gina-Omega gasket solution since the 1960s to prevent leakage from occurring. However, after almost 50 years of service life, leakages were detected in the immersion joints, which leads to an investigation into the source of...
master thesis 2017