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Rampeltshammer, Wolfgang (author), Keemink, Arvid (author), Sytsma, Menno (author), van Asseldonk, Edwin (author), van der Kooij, H. (author)
Series elastic actuators (SEA) with their inherent compliance offer a safe torque source for robots that are interacting with various environments, including humans. These applications have high requirements for the SEA torque controllers, both in the torque response as well as interaction behavior with its environment. To differentiate state...
journal article 2023
Bayón, Cristina (author), Keemink, Arvid Q.L. (author), van Mierlo, Michelle (author), Rampeltshammer, Wolfgang (author), van der Kooij, H. (author), van Asseldonk, Edwin H.F. (author)
BACKGROUND: In the last two decades, lower-limb exoskeletons have been developed to assist human standing and locomotion. One of the ongoing challenges is the cooperation between the exoskeleton balance support and the wearer control. Here we present a cooperative ankle-exoskeleton control strategy to assist in balance recovery after...
journal article 2022