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Vasconcelos, I. (author), Ravasi, M. (author), van der Neut, J.R. (author), Kritski, A. (author), Cui, T. (author)
The Marchenko redatuming approach reconstructs wavefields at depth that contain not only primary reflections, but also multiply-scattered waves. While such fields in principle contain additional subsurface information, conventional imaging approaches cannot tap into the information encoded in internal multiples in a trivial manner. We discuss a...
conference paper 2017
Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), Van der Neut, J.R. (author), Thorbecke, J.W. (author), Vasconcelos, I. (author), Van Manen, D.J. (author), Ravasi, M. (author)
Despite the close links between the fields of time-reversed acoustics, seismic interferometry and Marchenko imaging, a number of subtle differences exist. This paper reviews the various focusing conditions of these methods, the causality/acausality aspects of the corresponding focusing wavefields, and the requirements with respect to...
conference paper 2014