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Reddy, P. (author), Richards, D. (author), Izzetoglu, K. (author)
Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) sensor operators are typically required to execute search and surveillance tasks. Brain-in-the-loop measures during such tasks can help evaluate expertise development and cognitive capacities of the operator, which can be an important asset in designing adaptive and personalized training systems. Emergence of...
conference paper 2019
Ketter, W. (author), Collins, J. (author), Reddy, P. (author), Flath, C. (author), De Weerdt, M.M. (author)
This is the specification for the Power Trading Agent Competition for 2012 (Power TAC 2012). Power TAC is a competitive simulation that models a “liberalized” retail electrical energy market, where competing business entities or “brokers” offer energy services to customers through tariff contracts, and must then serve those customers by trading...
report 2011