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Fröhlich, D. (author), Pantatosaki, E. (author), Kolokathis, P.D. (author), Markey, K (author), Reinsch, H. (author), Baumgartner, M. (author), van der Veen, M.A. (author), De Vos, D.E. (author), Stock, N (author), Papadopoulos, G.K. (author), Henninger, S.K. (author), Janiak, C. (author)
Aluminium isophthalate CAU-10-H [Al(OH)(benzene-1,3-dicarboxylate)]·nH2O exhibits water adsorption characteristics which make it a promising adsorbent for application in heat-exchange processes. Herein we prepared a stable coating of this MOF and evaluated its long-term stability under closed-cycle conditions for 10 000 water adsorption and...
journal article 2016