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Remeijsen, Pascal (author)
Virtual cognitions are simulated inner thoughts, which are presented as a voice over. Previous research has shown the ability of virtual cognitions to increase the self-efficacy and knowledge of the users. When presenting such VR systems to users, having the VR system adapt to the user can improve their efficacy. For instance, by using eye-gaze...
master thesis 2023
de Boer, Jelmer (author), de Bree, Emilie (author), Remeijsen, Pascal (author), Verzijl, Matthijs (author)
A large problem that primary schools face is that the ratio of pupils to teachers is too high, the class sizes are too large and this makes it difficult for a single teacher to have a good oversight of how the development of a given child is going. The aim of Interactive Robotics is to tackle this problem by bringing robots into the classroom to...
bachelor thesis 2017