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Korostelev, F. (author), Weemstra, C. (author), Leroy, S. (author), Boschi, L. (author), Keir, D. (author), Ren, Y. (author), Molinari, I. (author), Ahmed, A. (author), Stuart, G.W. (author), Rolandone, F. (author), Khanbari, K. (author), Hammond, J.O.S. (author), Kendall, M.K. (author), Doubre, C. (author), Al Ganad, I. (author), Goitom, B. (author), Ayele, A. (author)
During the breakup of continents in magmatic settings, the extension of the rift valley is commonly assumed to initially occur by border faulting and progressively migrate in space and time toward the spreading axis. Magmatic processes near the rift flanks are commonly ignored. We present phase velocity maps of the crust and uppermost mantle of...
journal article 2015