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Nicolai, R.J. (author), Reumers, J.J.M. (author), Schmeitink, C.A. (author), Sonnenschein, F.J. (author), Storni, B. (author)
A standard test and simulation assembly (TSA) for a modular attitude and orbit control system (MACS) is defined. Its functional requirements, detailed specification and design are presented. The assembly consists of a commercial available minicomputer and a specificly designed front-end which interfaces with the AOCS via an OBDH-, MACS- and IEEE...
report 1983
Bosgra, J.A. (author), Reumers, J.J.M. (author)
Noise measurements have been performed on two identical space-qualified gyroscopes of the floated rate-integrating type (Ferranti Type 125) in an analogue rebalance-loop configuration of selectable loop bandwidth, running under space representative conditions. The noise frequency range of interest was 0.005 to 50 Hz. The noise results have been...
report 1981