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Louter, P.C. (author), Akilo, M.A. (author), Miri, Bahareh (author), Neeskens, Tim (author), Ribeiro Silveira, Rafael (author), Topcu, Özhan (author), van der Weijde, Iris (author), Zha, Congrui (author), Bilow, M. (author), Turrin, M. (author), Klein, T. (author), O'Callaghan, James (author)
Thin glass – such as commonly applied for displays and touchscreen on electronic devices like smartphone and tablets – offers interesting characteristics for architectural applications. Due to its high strength and small thickness the glass can easily be bent in architecturally appealing curvatures, while the small thickness of the glass offers...
journal article 2018
Ribeiro Silveira, Rafael (author), Louter, P.C. (author), Klein, T. (author)
Chemically strengthened thin glass (t < 2 mm) is a material that is stronger and due to its small thickness, more flexible than conventional window glass. As such, thin glass offers the possibility for lightweight and flexible glass façades that could change shape depending on external conditions. This paper explores this concept and presents...
conference paper 2018