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Andrade Borges, E.I. (author), Rieder, J.S.I. (author), Aschenbrenner, D. (author), Scharff, R.B.N. (author)
Soft robots are typically intended to operate in highly unpredictable and unstructured environments. Although their soft bodies help them to passively conform to their environment, the execution of specific tasks within such environments often requires the help of an operator that supervises the interaction between the robot and its environment...
journal article 2022
Rieder, J.S.I. (author), van Tol, D.H. (author), Aschenbrenner, D. (author)
This paper analyzes the effective accuracy for close-range operations for the first and the second generation of Microsoft HoloLens in combination with Vuforia Image Targets in a black-box approach. The implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) on optical see-through (OST), head-mounted devices (HMDs) has been proven viable for a variety of...
conference paper 2021
Aschenbrenner, D. (author), Rieder, J.S.I. (author), van Tol, D.H. (author), van Dam, J.J.F. (author), Rusak, Z. (author), Blech, Jan Olaf (author), Azangoo, Mohammad (author), Panu, Salo (author), Kruusamäe, Karl (author)
How to visualize recorded production data in Virtual Reality? How to use state of the art Augmented Reality displays that can show robot data? This paper introduces an opensource ICT framework approach for combining Unity-based Mixed Reality applications with robotic production equipment using ROS Industrial. This publication gives details on...
conference paper 2020