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Ton, D. (author), Shelat, S. (author), Nij├źnstein, Sandra (author), Rijsman, Lotte (author), van Oort, N. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
Governments worldwide are aiming to increase sustainable mode use to increase sustainability, livability, and accessibility. Integration of bicycle and transit can increase catchment areas of transit compared with walking and thus provide better competition to non-sustainable modes. To achieve this, effective measures have to be designed that...
journal article 2020
Rijsman, Lotte (author), van Oort, N. (author), Ton, D. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author), Teijl, Thomas (author)
Pollution and congestion are important issues in urban mobility. These can potentially be solved by multimodal transport, such as the bicycle-Transit combination, which benefits from the flexible aspect of the bicycle and the wider spatial range of public transport. In addition, the bicycle can increase the catchment areas of public transport...
conference paper 2019
Rijsman, Lotte (author)
The bicycle-transit combination is researched through a revealed preference survey in The Hague, applied on the tram network. Two main things are examined: which factors affect feeder distance and which feeder mode choice. This is done by bivariate analyses, multivariate analyses (two logistic regression models) and a qualitative analysis ...
master thesis 2018