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Comes, M. (author), Alexander, David (author), Boin, Arjen (author), Eckert, Claudia (author), Elmqvist, Thomas (author), Fochesato, Mattia (author), Helbing, Dirk (author), Latusek-Jurczak, Dominika (author), Lauta, Kristian (author), Meriläinen, Eija (author), Nikkari, Simo (author), Papadimitratos, Panos (author), Renn, Ortwin (author), Rios Insua, David (author), Rizza, Caroline (author), Zio, Enrico (author)
The evidence review report from SAPEA presents the latest scientific evidence on the subject of crisis management, and evidence-based policy options for action.<br/><br/>The European Union is confronted with an increasing number of crises with growing complexity. Their effects can cascade and ripple to all parts of society, the economy, and the...
book 2022
Rios Insua, David (author), Couce-Vieira, Aitor (author), Rubio, Jose A. (author), Pieters, W. (author), Labunets, K. (author), G. Rasines, Daniel (author)
Risk analysis is an essential methodology for cybersecurity as it allows organizations to deal with cyber threats potentially affecting them, prioritize the defense of their assets, and decide what security controls should be implemented. Many risk analysis methods are present in cybersecurity models, compliance frameworks, and international...
journal article 2019