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Robbins, H.V. (author), Stone, T.W. (author), Bolte, John (author), van den Hoven, M.J. (author)
This paper introduces the design principle of legibility as means to examine the epistemic and ethical conditions of sensing technologies. Emerging sensing technologies create new possibilities regarding what to measure, as well as how to analyze, interpret, and communicate said measurements. In doing so, they create ethical challenges for...
journal article 2020
Robbins, H.V. (author), Giaccardi, Elisa (author)
This article accounts for how value in design research can be derived from knowledge exchange that occurs through the collaborative discourse of doing design. To demonstrate this point, the article details the arc and impact of a design research collaboration that extended over several years with design practitioners in the field of internet...
journal article 2019
Robbins, H.V. (author)
Today, the world is populated with what we colloquially refer to as “black boxes.” These are technologies that perform sophisticated operations but obfuscate these complex operations, providing us with little context to what they do, how they work, and the role they play in our lives. In simple terms, this thesis addresses the following broadly...
doctoral thesis 2018