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Bierkens, G.N.J.C. (author), Grazzi, S. (author), Kamatani, K. (author), Roberts, G. O. (author)
This paper introduces the boomerang sampler as a novel class of continuous-time non-reversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. The methodology begins by representing the target density as a density, e(−U), with respect to a prescribed (usually) Gaussian measure and constructs a continuous trajectory consisting of a piecewise circular path....
conference paper 2020
Langkamp, D. (author), Roberts, G. (author), Scillitoe, A. (author), Lunnon, I. (author), Llopis-Pascual, A. (author), Zamecnik, J. (author), Proctor, S. (author), Rodriguez-Frias, M. (author), Turner, M. (author), Lanzon, A. (author), Crowther, W. (author)
This paper is about the development of a novel type of non coplanar hex rotor with the ability to decouple translational and attitude dynamics. The proposed design features six variable pitch rotors arranged in three different rotor planes in order to point the thrust and torque vectors independently of body attitude. It is envisaged that this...
conference paper 2011