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Roberts, Matthew (author)
The evolution of global maritime trade in the twentieth century dramatically reshaped the functional reality of port cities and pushed operational port areas away from historic urban centres. The docklands vacated by port operations have been identified as strategic zones for redevelopment, and their redevelopment has given rise to a global...
master thesis 2022
van Ommen, Isabel (author), do Nascimento, Luiz (author), Roberts, Matthew (author), NAMWANJE, PRISCILLA (author), van Overveld, Robert (author)
Currently the Construction & Demolition (C&D) sector in South Holland produces 2.581.840 tons of waste every year, it is also responsible for 50% of raw material usage and 35% of CO2 emissions. This issue is aggravated when considering the 200.000 houses that still need to be built in the region in the upcoming decade, increasing the...
student report 2021