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Roest, Lambertus W.M. (author), de Vries, S. (author), de Schipper, M.A. (author), Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author)
Recently, mega feeder nourishments have been proposed as a new strategy to nourish sediment-starving beaches. This strategy involves the placement of a large, concentrated sediment volume at a single location along the coast. Wind, waves and currents act as the natural agents to spread the sediment alongshore over the course of years to decades....
journal article 2021
Roest, Lambertus W.M. (author)
The Volta delta is a very dynamic environment, forming the interface between the Volta river and the Atlantic ocean. The delta is a home for many communities, settled both at the shorelines and more inland. Furthermore the delta provides great natural values and a habitat for many species.<br/>The coastline of the Volta delta suffers from...
report 2018
de Vries, S. (author), de Schipper, M.A. (author), Roest, Lambertus W.M. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author)
Feeder nourishments, where sand quantities of O (10 million m³) are placed locally to feed adjacent coastal stretches, are suggested nowadays as an alternative for local, smaller-scale nourishments (&lt; 1 million m³). These feeder nourishments rely on natural forces to spread the sediment. While processes that govern this spreading such as...
journal article 2018