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Curran, R. (author), Fischer, L. (author), Pérez, D. (author), Klein, K. (author), Hoekstra, J. (author), Roling, P. (author), Verhagen, W.J.C. (author)
Air transport must evolve if it is to optimize its value in the 21st century. The mood in the aerospace industry is positive with regard to economic recovery, but the focus in this transitional time must be on sustaining value, without losing sight of environmental and safety priorities
book 2012
Saunders-Smits, G.N. (author), Roling, P. (author), Brügemann, V. (author), Timmer, N. (author), Melkert, J. (author)
Over the past four years the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has redeveloped its BSc curriculum to mimic an engineering design cycle. Each semester represents a step in the design cycle: exploration; system design; sub-system design; test, analysis & simulation; verification & validation.
conference paper 2012
Wan Mohamed, W.M. (author), Curran, R. (author), Van der Zwan, F.M. (author), Roling, P. (author)
Noise is one of the main concerns of airports around the world. Several measures have been taken by regulators to reduce noise at airports. Some of these measures are meant to control noise at major or busy airports; however, certain operational restrictions (quota, curfew, and budget) are also implemented throughout the whole country regardless...
conference paper 2009