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Freites, Alfredo (author), Corbett, P. W.M. (author), Rongier, G. (author), Geiger, S. (author)
Understanding the impact of fractures on fluid flow is fundamental for developing geoenergy reservoirs. Pressure transient analysis could play a key role for fracture characterization purposes if better links can be established between the pressure derivative responses (p′) and the fracture properties. However, pressure transient analysis is...
journal article 2023
Cuesta Cano, A. (author), Karimzadanzabi, A. (author), Storms, J.E.A. (author), Rongier, G. (author), Martinius, A.W. (author)
Many stratigraphic features occur at a scale that is at the edge or below vertical seismic resolution. Thus, they cannot be directly observed in the seismic data, while still having an important effect on the fluid flow within the system. The better understanding of these sub-seismic scale features or heterogeneities can help decrease subsurface...
conference paper 2023