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Shariati, Vahid (author), Roohi, Ehsan (author), Ebrahimi, Amin (author)
The direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method, which is a probabilistic particle-based gas kinetic simulation approach, is employed in the present work to describe the physics of rarefied gas flow in super nanoporous materials (also known as mesoporous). The simulations are performed for different material porosities (0.5≤ϕ≤0.9), Knudsen...
journal article 2023
Ebrahimi, Amin (author), Shahabi, Vahid (author), Roohi, Ehsan (author)
Gas flow and heat transfer in confined geometries at micro-and nanoscales differ considerably from those at macro-scales, mainly due to nonequilibrium effects such as velocity slip and temperature jump. Nonequilibrium effects increase with a decrease in the characteristic length-scale of the fluid flow or the gas density, leading to the failure...
journal article 2021
Naranjani, Benyamin (author), Roohi, Ehsan (author), Ebrahimi, Amin (author)
Cooling of electronic devices is one of the critical challenges that the electronics industry is facing towards sustainable development. Aiming at lowering the surface temperature of the heat sink to limit thermally induced deformations, corrugated channels and nanofluids are employed to improve the thermal and hydraulic performances of a...
journal article 2020