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Rossi, Silvia (author), Viola, Irene (author), Toni, Laura (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
Immersive reality technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, have ushered a new era of user-centric systems, in which every aspect of the coding-delivery-rendering chain is tailored to the interaction of the users. Understanding the actual interactivity and behaviour of the users is still an open challenge and a key step to enabling...
conference paper 2023
Rossi, Silvia (author), Viola, Irene (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
This work presents an explorative behavioural analysis of users navigating in an immersive space aimed at enabling the next-generation multimedia systems. Our main goal is to understand how the user experience of immersive content with 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) is affected not only by the visual content and its quality but also by the...
conference paper 2022
Rossi, Silvia (author), Viola, Irene (author), Jansen, Jack (author), Subramanyam, S. (author), Toni, Laura (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
Social Virtual Reality (VR) applications represent a big step forward in the field of remote communication. Social VR provides the possibility for participants to explore and interact with virtual environments and objects, feelings of a full sense of immersion, and being together. Understanding how user behaviour is influenced by the shared...
conference paper 2021