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Shah, V. (author), Sedighiani, K. (author), van Dokkum, J.S. (author), Bos, C. (author), Roters, F. (author), Diehl, M. (author)
Predicting microstructure and (micro-)texture evolution during thermo-mechanical processing requires the combined simulation of plastic deformation and recrystallization. Here, a simulation approach based on the coupling of a full-field dislocation density based crystal plasticity model and a cellular automaton model is presented. A...
journal article 2022
Sedighiani, K. (author), Diehl, M. (author), Traka, K. (author), Roters, F. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Raabe, D. (author)
A severe obstacle for the routine use of crystal plasticity models is the effort associated with determining their constitutive parameters. Obtaining these parameters usually requires time-consuming micromechanical tests that allow probing of individual grains. In this study, a novel, computationally efficient, and fully automated approach is...
journal article 2020