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Rotte, G.M. (author), Zverkhovskyi, Oleksandr (author), Kerkvliet, Maarten (author), van Terwisga, T.J.C. (author)
Air lubrication techniques are very promising in reducing ship drag. It has been demonstrated that air cavity applications can realise propulsive power reduction percentages of 10-20% due to the reduction of the frictional resistance [1, 2]. However, a complete understanding of the two-phase flow physics involved with air cavity flows is still...
conference paper 2016
Rotte, G.M. (author)
Predicting the equilibrium between a ship’s required thrust and resistance is a complicated problem. Shipyards have to pay big penalties when a ship does not run at its design speed at a specified required power. An accurate prediction of the ship’s self-propulsion point is thus of huge importance. In the determination of the self-propulsion...
master thesis 2015