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Saffarionpour, S. (author), de Jong, Tessa F. (author), van der Wielen, L.A.M. (author), Brouwer, Eric (author), Ottens, M. (author)
For simulating an adsorption/elution step for separation and recovery of flavor-active esters in beer in the presence of ethanol at various temperatures, and validating the predicted breakthrough behavior, equilibrium data on concentration of each ester is required. This work evaluates the application of frontal analysis method (FA) for...
journal article 2019
Saffarionpour, S. (author)
Flavor-active components are key contributors to the profile of the final produced beer product. Their preservation and control during different stages of processing is crucial, since they might be lost during processing due to their volatile nature. In order to produce a final beer product with balanced flavor profile, which is acceptable by...
doctoral thesis 2018
Saffarionpour, S. (author), Ottens, M. (author)
Recovery of volatile flavor-active aroma compounds which are key components of processed liquid food streams is of utmost concern to food industry, as these compounds contribute to the quality of the final product. This review paper highlights the recently published research on different techniques that can be applied for recovery of the key...
journal article 2018