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Munteanu, Cristian (author), Saidi, Said Jawad (author), Gasser, Oliver (author), Smaragdakis, G. (author), Feldmann, Anja (author)
Honeypots have been used for decades to detect, monitor, and understand attempts of unauthorized use of information systems. Previous studies focused on characterizing the spread of malware, e.g., Mirai and other attacks, or proposed stealthy and interactive architectures to improve honeypot efficiency.<br/><br/>In this paper, we present...
conference paper 2023
Saidi, Said Jawad (author), Gasser, Oliver (author), Smaragdakis, G. (author)
IPv6 is being more and more adopted, in part to facilitate the millions of smart devices that have already been installed at home. Unfortunately, we find that the privacy of a substantial fraction of end-users is still at risk, despite the efforts by ISPs and electronic vendors to improve end-user security, e.g., by adopting prefix rotation...
journal article 2022
Saidi, Said Jawad (author), Matic, Srdjan (author), Gasser, Oliver (author), Smaragdakis, G. (author), Feldmann, Anja (author)
Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, e.g., at home, in enterprise environments, and in production lines. To support the advanced functionalities of IoT devices, IoT vendors as well as service and cloud companies operate IoT backendsÐthe focus of this paper. We propose a methodology to identify and locate them...
conference paper 2022