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Bernardini, Matteo (author), Modesti, D. (author), Salvadore, Francesco (author), Sathyanarayana, Srikanth (author), Della Posta, Giacomo (author), Pirozzoli, Sergio (author)
We present STREAmS-2.0, an updated version of the flow solver STREAmS, first introduced in Bernardini et al. (2021) [1]. STREAmS-2.0 has an object-oriented design which separates the physics equations from the specific back-end, making the code more suitable for future expansions, such as porting to novel computing architectures or...
journal article 2023
Modesti, D. (author), Sathyanarayana, Srikanth (author), Salvadore, Francesco (author), Bernardini, Matteo (author)
We perform direct numerical simulation of supersonic turbulent channel flow over cubical roughness elements, spanning bulk Mach numbers -, both in the transitional and fully rough regime. We propose a novel definition of roughness Reynolds number which is able to account for the viscosity variations at the roughness crest and should be used...
journal article 2022
Bernardini, Matteo (author), Modesti, D. (author), Salvadore, Francesco (author), Pirozzoli, Sergio (author)
We present STREAmS, an in-house high-fidelity solver for direct numerical simulations (DNS) of canonical compressible wall-bounded flows, namely turbulent plane channel, zero-pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer and supersonic oblique shock-wave/boundary layer interaction. The solver incorporates state-of-the-art numerical algorithms,...
journal article 2021