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Sanchez-Anguix, Victor (author), Tunalı, Okan (author), Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Julian, Vicente (author)
In the last few years, we witnessed a growing body of literature about automated negotiation. Mainly, negotiating agents are either purely self-driven by maximizing their utility function or by assuming a cooperative stance by all parties involved in the negotiation. We argue that, while optimizing one’s utility function is essential, agents...
journal article 2021
Sanchez-Anguix, Victor (author), Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Baarslag, T. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
In this article, we introduce a new paradigm to achieve Pareto optimality in group decision-making processes: bottom-up approaches to Pareto optimality. It is based on the idea that, while resolving a conflict in a group, individuals may trust some members more than others; thus, they may be willing to cooperate and share more information...
journal article 2019