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Sari, Yasin (author)
Water storage and diversion capacity of reservoirs in the Nile Basin are benefited for various purposes including agricultural irrigation and hydro-energy production. Filling and operation of the recently constructed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) have been subject to heated debate for its implications on downstream countries Sudan and...
master thesis 2022
Fouladvand, J. (author), Ghorbani, A. (author), Sarı, Yasin (author), Hoppe, T. (author), Kunneke, R.W. (author), Herder, P.M. (author)
In community energy systems, the energy demand of a group of households is met by collectively generated electricity and heat from renewable energy sources. What makes these systems unique is their collective and collaborative form of organization and their distributed energy generation. While these features are crucial to the resilience of...
journal article 2022