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Nadin, V. (author), Fernandez Maldonado, A.M. (author), Zonneveld, W.A.M. (author), Stead, D. (author), Dabrowski, M.M. (author), Piskorek, K.I. (author), Sarkar, Alankrita (author), Schmitt, Peter (author), Smas, Lukas (author), Cotella, Giancarlo (author), Janin Rivolin, Umberto (author), Solly, Alys (author), Berisha, Erblin (author), Pede, Elena (author), Seardo, Bianca Maria (author), Komornicki, Tomasz (author), Goch, Katarzyna (author), Bednarek-Szczepańska, Maria (author), Degórska, Bożena (author), Szejgiec-Kolenda, Barbara (author), Śleszyński, Przemysław (author), Lüer, Christian (author), Böhme, Kai (author), Nedovic-Budic, Zoriica (author), Williams, Brendan (author), Varghese, Johanna (author), Colic, Natasa (author), Knaap, Gerrit (author), Csák, László (author), Faragó, László (author), Mezei, Cecília (author), Pálné, Ilona (author), Pámer, Zoltán (author), Reimer, Mario (author), Münter, Angelika (author)
The objective of the COMPASS project was to provide an authoritative comparative report on changes in territorial governance and spatial planning systems in Europe from 2000 to 2016. This Final Report presents the main findings, conclusions and policy recommendations. The COMPASS project compares territorial governance and spatial planning in 32...
report 2018
Sarkar, Alankrita (author)
With the emergence of the latest concept of smart cities, there is a rapid change of lifestyle and a mass migration to cities. At the same time, cities have high demands of infrastructure such as transport and building, and resources such as food, water, and energy, as well as issues like scarcity of adequate land, unapproachable government. All...
master thesis 2017