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Floreani, S. (author), Redig, F.H.J. (author), Sau, Federico (author)
In this paper, we introduce a random environment for the exclusion process in Z<sup>d</sup> obtained by assigning a maximal occupancy to each site. This maximal occupancy is allowed to randomly vary among sites, and partial exclusion occurs. Under the assumption of ergodicity under translation and uniform ellipticity of the environment, we...
journal article 2021
Redig, F.H.J. (author), Saada, Ellen (author), Sau, Federico (author)
We consider the symmetric simple exclusion process in Z<sup>d</sup> with quenched bounded dynamic random conductances and prove its hydrodynamic limit in path space. The main tool is the connection, due to the self-duality of the process, between the invariance principle for single particles starting from all points and the macroscopic...
journal article 2020