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Schaap, T.M. (author)
A performance comparison has been done between libswift and other P2P clients to assess whether libswift can be made the fastest P2P client currently available. A modular testing framework targeted at testing and measuring P2P clients has been developed and has been succesfully used to run several experiments with the clients and to debug and...
master thesis 2012
Schaap, T.M. (author), Scheele, B.R.V. (author)
At the University of Chile, prof. dr. N. Hitschfeld Kahler is conducting research on the automatic generation of meshes in both 2D- and 3D-environments based on images or 3D-models. At the moment she is researching the analysis of images of tree stems by generating 2D meshes of triangles (triangulations) over the image and retrieving data based...
bachelor thesis 2008