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Schaller, A.M. (author), Streich, Rita (author), Drijkoningen, G.G. (author), Ritter, Oliver (author), Slob, E.C. (author)
Controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) data are sensitive to the subsurface resistivity distribution, but 3D inversion results are ambiguous, and in-depth interpretation is challenging. Resolution and sensitivity analysis as well as the influence of noise on resolution have been used to quantify 3D inversion performance. Based on these...
journal article 2018
Schaller, A.M. (author)
Geophysical methods are widely used for hydrocarbon exploration and time-lapse measurements. One method that can be applied in place of or in addition to the routinely used seismic method, is the Controlled-Source ElectroMagnetic (CSEM) method. The work described in this thesis explores various aspects to improve the land CSEM method for...
doctoral thesis 2018
Schaller, A.M. (author), Hunziker, J.W. (author), Streich, R. (author), Drijkoningen, G.G. (author)
We investigate potential benefits of measuring the vertical electric field component in addition to the routinely measured horizontal electric field components in onshore time-lapse controlled-source electromagnetics. Synthetic electromagnetic data based on a model of the Schoonebeek onshore oil field are used. We confirm that the vertical...
conference paper 2014