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Meyer, S (author), Chen, Y. (author), Wimmer, S. (author), Althammer, M (author), Wimmer, T. (author), Schlitz, Richard (author), Geprags, S (author), Huebl, H (author), Kodderitzsch, D. (author), Ebert, H. (author), Bauer, G.E. (author), Gross, R (author), Goennenwein, S. T.B. (author)
The observation of the spin Hall effect triggered intense research on pure spin current transport. With the spin Hall effect, the spin Seebeck effect and the spin Peltier effect already observed, our picture of pure spin current transport is almost complete. The only missing piece is the spin Nernst (-Ettingshausen) effect, which so far has...
journal article 2017
Ganzhorn, Kathrin (author), Barker, Joseph (author), Schlitz, Richard (author), Piot, Benjamin A. (author), Ollefs, Katharina (author), Guillou, F. (author), Wilhelm, Fabrice (author), Rogalev, Andrei (author), Bauer, G.E. (author)
We study the spin Hall magnetoresistance effect in ferrimagnet/normal metal bilayers, comparing the response in collinear and canted magnetic phases. In the collinear magnetic phase, in which the sublattice magnetic moments are all aligned along the same axis, we observe the conventional spin Hall magnetoresistance. In contrast, in the canted...
journal article 2016