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Jia, L. (author), Schoon, P.B. (author), Pouwelse, J.A. (author), Epema, D.H.J. (author)
User interactions are indispensable for any online network to thrive, especially for BitTorrent‐like and Web real‐time communication‐based distributed online networks that rely on users' collective contributions instead of the help of central servers. User interactions provide fine‐grained information for many applications, such as security...
journal article 2015
Schoon, P.B. (author)
Peer-to-peer technology has produced thriving communities in which peers contribute bandwidth to each other. However, when free riding occurs, these communities will not be able to sustain themselves without incentives to enforce this contribution. This thesis presents Supervised Teaming, a peer-to-peer transfer protocol that gives uploading...
master thesis 2008