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Cnossen, J.P. (author), Hinsdale, T.A. (author), Thorsen, R.Ø. (author), Siemons, Marijn (author), Schueder, Florian (author), Jungmann, Ralf (author), Smith, C.S. (author), Rieger, B. (author), Stallinga, S. (author)
MINFLUX offers a breakthrough in single molecule localization precision, but is limited in field of view. Here we combine centroid estimation and illumination pattern induced photon count variations in a conventional widefield imaging setup to extract position information over a typical micrometer-sized field of view. We show a near two-fold...
journal article 2020
Heydarian, H. (author), Schueder, Florian (author), Strauss, Maximilian T. (author), van Werkhoven, Ben (author), Fazel, Mohamadreza (author), Lidke, K.A. (author), Jungmann, Ralf (author), Stallinga, S. (author), Rieger, B. (author)
Methods that fuse multiple localization microscopy images of a single structure can improve signal-to-noise ratio and resolution, but they generally suffer from template bias or sensitivity to registration errors. We present a template-free particle-fusion approach based on an all-to-all registration that provides robustness against...
journal article 2018