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Schweickert, L.S. (author), Jöns, K.D. (author), Zeuner, K.D. (author), Covre Da Silva, Saimon Filipe (author), Huang, Huiying (author), Lettner, Thomas (author), Reindl, Marcus (author), Zichi, J.R. (author), Trotta, Rinaldo (author), Rastelli, Armando (author), Zwiller, V.G. (author)
True on-demand high-repetition-rate single-photon sources are highly sought after for quantum information processing applications. However, any coherently driven two-level quantum system suffers from a finite re-excitation probability under pulsed excitation, causing undesirable multi-photon emission. Here, we present a solid-state source of...
journal article 2018
Jöns, K.D. (author), Schweickert, L.S. (author), Versteegh, M.A.M. (author), Dalacu, Dan (author), Poole, Philip J. (author), Gulinatti, Angelo (author), Giudice, Andrea (author), Zwiller, V.G. (author), Reimer, M.E. (author)
Global, secure quantum channels will require efficient distribution of entangled photons. Long distance, low-loss interconnects can only be realized using photons as quantum information carriers. However, a quantum light source combining both high qubit fidelity and on-demand bright emission has proven elusive. Here, we show a bright photonic...
journal article 2017