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Scott, Fred (author)
Many tropical, coral reef-lined coasts, are low-lying with elevations less than five meters above mean sea level. Climate-change-driven sea level rise, coral reef decay and changes in (storm) wave climate will lead to greater chance and impacts of wave-driven flooding, posing a heavy threat to these coastal communities. Early warning systems ...
master thesis 2019
Niazi, Muhammad Hassan Khan (author), Sigalas, Nikos (author), Scott, Fred (author), Grossmann, Florian (author), Damdam, Khaled (author)
In the Netherlands flood protection is immensely important for the safety of the nation. The shocking outcome of the 1953 flooding proves this point. In modern days, the development of socioeconomic and climate change factors casts doubt on the effectiveness of conventional approaches to flood risk management. Consequently, this project explored...
student report 2018