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Andersen, Jonas Siim (author), Miccini, Riccardo (author), Serafin, Stefania (author), Spagnol, S. (author)
Previous research stresses the importance of Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) individualization approaches for accurately locating sound sources in virtual 3D spaces. However, in the realm of interactive experiences, methods for assessing whether individualized HRTFs bring a benefit to the player experience are rarely investigated. Methods...
conference paper 2021
Spagnol, S. (author), Miccini, Riccardo (author), Onofrei, Marius George (author), Unnthorsson, Runar (author), Serafin, Stefania (author)
While previous research on spatial sound perception investigated the physical mechanisms producing the most relevant elevation cues, how spectral notches are generated and related to the individual morphology of the human pinna is still a topic of debate. Correctly modeling these important elevation cues, and in particular the lowest...
journal article 2021