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Patel, Nirmal (author), Nagpal, Pooja (author), Shah, Tirth (author), Sharma, Aditya (author), Malvi, Shrey (author), Lomas, J.D. (author)
Background: Readability metrics provide us with an objective and efficient way to assess the quality of educational texts. We can use the readability measures for finding assessment items that are difficult to read for a given grade level. Hard-to-read math word problems can put some students at a disadvantage if they are behind in their...
journal article 2023
Shah, Tirth (author), Patel, Nirmal (author), Lomas, J.D. (author), Sharma, Aditya (author)
Technology aided learning is becoming increasingly popular. In some of the countries, online learning has taken over for traditional classroom-based learning. With this, educational data is being generated in vast amounts. Knowing the potential of this data, many education stakeholders have turned to evidence-based decision making to improve the...
conference paper 2022